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Minecraft 1.5 Guide

mobs ride mobs in minecraft

This is a complete guide to all the changes made in the minecraft 1.5 update. Changes include new redstone blocks and mechanics (which is why this is called the redstone update) but also adds several other new features, including new snow layers, boosted mobs, nerfed bonemeal and spiders riding pigs riding skeletons riding dragons.

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Wordpuncher’s Redstone Update Guide

wordpuncher's minecraft redstone update guide

Want to know how to use all the new features of the redstone update? Check out this redstone update guide! The redstone update is about making minecraft more complex, and whilst this might not please the casual player, many of these new additions to the game can be safely ignored. Where the redstone update will really come into its own will be in multiplayer servers, survival maps and adventure maps. The many new redstone blocks and mechanics mean that the player will be entering a whole new world, where opening a chest can trigger the spawning of a hostile mob and one redstone current can be mutiplied many times over, creating a chain of events linked to one action.

Learn how to use the redstone update!