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Wasteland Apocalypse Minecraft Survival Map Download

minecraft gravel survival map download

All has become gravel in a minecraft survival map where grim landscapes and even grimmer chances of survival are the order of the day. You begin close to what was probably once a small fortress, but which is now a tattered pile of rubble. A few supplies can be scavenged here, but your hunger is already growing and food is the first thing on your mind. But where can food be found? Not growing in toxic gravel, that’s for sure.

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The Last of Us, Minecraft Apocalypse City Adventure Map Download

the last of us minecraft apocalypse adventure map download

The Last of Us takes all the best elements of minecraft, creepers, zombies, Endermen standing around on stairs – and shoves them into downtown Manhattan twenty years after a virus wipes out most of humanity. Your mission, should you choose not to lie down and become zombie food, is to find a working vehicle and escape the city for a new life.

To read more about this fun, fast paced minecraft adventure survival experience, visit the review page and download it for yourself!

Letters From A Dead Earth Minecraft Survival Map Download

Four dead cities and over a hundred books scattered over 4000 minecraft meters squared make a minecraft survival map that is at once beautifully made and post-apocalyptic. Letters from a Dead Earth is not content with merely being one of the most amazing urban survival minecraft maps I’ve ever played, it also contains a deep story that you can choose to piece together or ignore entirely as you rampage through abandoned cities.

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