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Project Zomboid, Now In Minecraft

minecraft project zomboid map

A minecraft experience including thirst, zombie detection levels and the same slow creeping sense of terror that typifies modern zombie games like Project Zomboid and DayZ, this is almost a minecraft horror map, or perhaps, more aptly described – a map of little minecraft horrors.

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MineZ Minecraft MMO Guide

mineZ server map

What Is MineZ?

MineZ is much more than a minecraft server, it is a multi-server Minecraft MMO based on the Arma II DayZ mod – meaning that the main order of the day is killing and / or running away from zombies. When not being hunted by zombie hordes, MineZ players explore a post-apocalyptic world populated with cities, towns and other resources. This is technically a minecraft mod, but it is hosted entirely server-side, so anyone with an un-modded copy of vanilla Minecraft can join and play without having to download or install any files. This is the biggest, most complex and fun minecraft multiplayer experience you can have whilst running around in a full leather suit.

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