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Sburb, Minecraft MS Paint CTM Adventure Map Download

sburbcraft minectraft ms paint GUI

A minecraft map reliving the glory days of MS Paint Adventures, Sburb is a fully fledged minecraft adventure CTM map complete with all the features you’d expect in a MS Paint inspired map – bizzare texture pack drawing direct inspiration from the original series and challenges more difficult than you could ever hope to solve with your dismembered arms. Play Sburb to fill the Sylladex and become lord high champion of nostalgia parties.

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The Lonely Lands, Minecraft CTM Survival Map (Download + Review)

The Lonely Lands are vast spaces filled with strange and wonderful biomes. And, for the brave explorer who is willing to do what it takes to survive, there are dungeons, monsters and wool rewards with which one might complete the monument and restore the honor of one’s family – or simply kill a couple of hours in slack jawed wonder at the vistas of imagination that unfold as you play through this linear CTM survival map where crafting is allowed, bows and arrows and boots of feather falling can be found and yet still you wander on and on…

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Caves of Darkoth, Minecraft CTM Adventure Survival Map (Download + Review)

You begin this CTM survival map holding a cookie, which pretty much sold me on the whole map immediately. Give me a cookie and I will happily minecraft all day long. Heck, the cookie even distracted me from the fact that my little room was lit by pouring lava. The second thing that sold me on this CTM map is that survival tactics are allowed. Want to make a little house with a wheat farm beside it? Go ahead. Block breaking isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged.

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From Ashes, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map (Download + Review)

From Ashes is a very special, very large minecraft adventure map that sent thrills of excitement racing through my dedicated minecraft lobe when I first saw it. From Ashes is a post apocalyptic, open world minecraft adventure map with over sixteen dungeons, custom loot, traps, a plenty and of course, a monument to be completed.

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Cubic Horrors, Minecraft Super Hostile CTM Adventure Map (Download + Review)

‘The Fires Beneath’ is a hard CTM map. Hostile hard. You can play it if you like, but chances are you’ll rage quit within very short order. Then you’ll start again, because The Fires Beneath, first map in the Cubic Horrors collection, is one that demands to be completed. Did I mention the difficulty rating on this thing is ‘cruel’? That’s not even an actual rating. That’s just what people sobbed whilst their dreams of completing the monument crumbled before them.

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