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DJoslin’s Vertical Redstone Minecraft Mod

This mod allows you to place redstone wiring vertically up walls. In the default game you can only run redstone wiring upwards if you use a stepping pattern, basically running the redstone up a series of stairs. Or alternatively, you can send a redstone signal up and down in a straight column by using a series of redstone torches. Obviously this is wildly impractical for most purposes. Anyone who likes working with redstone is going to love this redstone mod!

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Quick Minecraft Redstone Gates Video Tutorial

This is by far one of the best redstone tutorials I’ve ever seen, demonstrating simple ways to make redstone work. If you’ve ever wondered how to hook two redstone switches up to a single circuit, or if you’ve been feeling intimidated by terms like XOR, NOR and NAND gates being thrown around, the five minutes that this tutorial takes to watch will change your life. Or at least help you make awesome redstone machines.

How To Make A Minecraft Piston Powered Retractable Bridge

Sticky pistons enable you to create blocks that slide in and out (and up and down.) With a little bit of redstone work that means you can create retractable bridges. One moment you’re walking across a safe as houses wooden bridge, the next moment a switch is flipped and the bridge is gone. This article will help you work out the redstone wiring gremlins so that you can create safe houses and nefarious traps on your own terms.

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TaviRider’s World of Redstone Tutorial

Wish you could be a redstone super engineer like that one guy who made a working computer in Minecraft? Dislike reading webpages with lots of dull words and diagrams on them? Feel that you learn better by playing Minecraft than by learning? Then TaviRider’s World of Redstone is a save file you simply must have.

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