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Halion, Minecraft Massive Medieval City Download

halion download

Almost two million blocks have gone into Halion, a minecraft medieval city build which will blow your mind with its massive scope, two hundred city buildings including custom interiors and six separate districts. One of the biggest minecraft cities of all time, Halion is the fantasy creation of seven very talented builders.

Look upon their works, ye mighty!


Five Top Maps For Minecraft Mountaineers

minecraft mountain map downloads

A collection of five really really large and tall and fairly pointy minecraft mountain maps awaits you at the end of the upcoming link. If you want to play minecraft at the mountaintop, then this is the article you need to read!

Find five great mountain maps for minecraft here!

Cielo, Download A Minecraft City In The Sky

minecraft floating city map

Floating cities are fun. Floating cities are even more fun in minecraft, where you have the opportunity to fall off the edge or alternatively build a new edge. Based on the now famous Bioshock floating city, Cielo is not a re-make of Columbia (you can find one of those here) Cielo is a unique map, one that was nine months in the making, one with a stunning series of builds that are both inspiring and gorgeous.

Check out more screenshots and download the floating city map here…

Minecraft Asian Fantasy Map Download: Rosadu

minecraft asian fantasy map download

A magical minecraft where Asian style meets steampunk aesthetics, Rosadu is a fantasy minecraft download suitable for both single and multiplayer set ups. With stunning Chinese style builds inthe form of temples, and Avatar style floating islands, this is a map designed to thrill the imagination.

Read more about Rosadu…

Minecraft Tree Download | 70 World of Warcraft Trees For Map Makers

minecraft fantasy trees download

You can now download a map full of 70 different types of trees all based on World of Warcraft. These trees can be duplicated in MC Edit, so minecraft map makers can create unique forests. Many of the trees were taken from the ‘Crafting Azeroth‘ project, which created all of the World of Warcraft inside minecraft. It’s truly an impressive project, and certainly a must download for anyone interested in World of Warcraft and Minecraft.

Download Minecraft Fantasy Trees!

King’s Cathedral | Minecraft Cathedral Download For Map Makers

minecraft cathedral download

If you like to make your own minecraft adventure maps, or multiplayer server maps, or even minecraft survival maps, then you need to check out King’s Cathedral by talented minecraft builder, General John. This massive 438 x 452 x 256 Cathedral towers into the sky, reaching all the way to max build height. Use it as a focal point or convert it into a dangerous dungeon for adventures. Or just download it and marvel.
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