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Hidden Valley, A Minecraft Survival Adventure Island Map (Download + Review)

hidden valley minecraft survival island

A breathtakingly beautiful minecraft survival island map with a serving of adventure on the side, Hidden Valley is comprised of several custom made islands, complete with custom made shrubbery, forests and towering trees. Biomes will take your breath away, and you’ll enjoy the pitter patter of the winter rains even on sandy beaches, because this is no randomly generated map.

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Save The Cows, Minecraft Survival Island Map Download

Save the Cows is a goal oriented Minecraft Survival Map. You begin your journey as a pilgrim to Palm Island, where you had planned to simply leave a tribute to the local god and return to the ocean as an adventurer. But as you leave your offering, you can’t help but notice two cows marooned in the distance. The god of Palm Island has long forbidden the consumption of beef, but if you can rescue those cows, you can return tasty steaks to the world at large.

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