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Minecraft Printer Download | A Working Minecraft Printer

minecraft printer download

This minecraft printer is a minecraft machine that will print out whatever design you place into a chest. It prints out designs placed in a double chest, in the shape of the double chest grid. This minecraft printer is therefore limited to designs 6 x 9 meters in size, but it is still a very impressive piece of minecraft engineering, and you can download it and play with it yourself here!

Download this minecraft printer!

Minecraft Transport Solutions, Piston Powered ‘Train’ People Mover

I’ll let Brows of Steel explain this as the maker of this admirably long people moving system:

The diagonal people mover enables travel at precisely 10√2 m/s. That’s approximately 14.1 m/s, 51 kph, or 32 mph. That’s 41% faster than the axial people mover, 25% faster than diagonal minecarts, and fully 3.3× as fast as walking..

Put this puppy in the Nether and you could be travelling the equivalent of 407 kph (253 mph). That’s faster than any passenger train.

Want to make your own? Click Here For The ‘How To’ Video