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Sailable Minecraft Ships | Working Ships In Minecraft

Finally! A mod that actually allows you to build and then sail your own ships, both sailing ships and air ships, for that matter. Take to the sea and the skies with this minecraft mod which finally frees players from the tethers of their static creations and makes the world of minecraft that much more dynamic.

Download Sailable Ships Mod!

Minecraft Wolves+ Mod | Mo’Wolves Fo Minecraft


Wish there were a dozen new types of wolves, all of whom could leap tall walls in a single bound and outrun you without breaking a doggy sweat? Good news! Wolves+ adds a whole pack of new wolf types, many with custom drops, some with special abilities. New wolves include creeper wolves, dirt wolves, skeleton wolves (which have the creepiest little skeleton wolf heads I’ve ever seeen – and which are capable of shooting arrrows) and more!

Check out the Minecraft Wolves+ Mod!

Minecraft Tunnel Tools Mod | Minecraft Power Tools!

minecraft tunnel machine mod

Wish it didn’t take you hours to drill mineshafts and tunnels even with your trusty diamond spade and pick? Well this mod is what you’ve been waiting for. Minecraft Power Tools is a mod that adds three new machines to minecraft. One is a shaft machine, creating mineshafts with a serious quickness, the other creates tunnels and the last one, well that’s the special oil refinery, turning coal into oil.

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Zombie Manic, Zombie Player Mod

zombiemanic minecraft zombie player mod

Zombie Manic is a new kind of minecraft game played on multiplayer servers. You spawn as a human, but if you die you are respawned as a zombie. This means a server full of human played, intelligent zombies hunting down players still fortunate enough to be human. This is the best AI in the world, with this system minecraft zombies can track, hunt, plan and set traps of their own to get the last remaining humans to join their zombie horde. Human players are forced to build unique defences and hide as best they can. For a zombie survival experience like no other, Zombie Manic comes highly reccomended.

Check out the Zombie Manic subreddit!

CivCraft – Civilization Meets Minecraft

minecraft civcraft mod

Ever wished you could be a little more expansive in your minecraft games? Wish you could create entire civilizations perhaps? Wish tech trees went a little bit further than diamond pickaxes? Yes? Then you are in luck! CivCraft is a mod for minecraft which brings many of the features of Sid Meir’s Civilization game and makes them a par of our favorite crafting experience. Additions include advanced technology trees, limited land claims based on the size and scope of your civilization, advanced buildings which can be purchased and then build themselves, not to mention research.

Read more about CivCraft and get started on your new Minecraft civilization!

Minecraft Elemental Magic Mod Download

minecraft fire magic spell

If you want more minecraft magic – if you want to be able to create fields of fire, torrents of water, devastating air attacks and more, then you need the Elemental Tinkerer minecraft magic mod. This is no simple mod adding a few extra potions. This is a complete minecraft magic overhaul, including a new magic research system that allows you to learn new spells in between gathering magical ores and crafting magical artifacts. Designed for people who really enjoy deep magic, the Elemental Tinkerer will lead you on a journey to controlling the very elements themselves.

Click here to read more and download this minecraft magic mod!

Minecraft TNT Mod! Too Much TNT

TNT is, without a doubt, the block with the most capacity for entertaining, dismaying and destroying the dreams of minecraft players. So what happens when you add a mod that adds ten new kinds of minecraft TNT? You read that right, ten new kinds of TNT. Four of these new kinds of TNT are just TNT boosts, so one block of TNT does as much damage as 5, 20, 100 or 500 blocks of TNT. If a single block of TNT with the force of 500 blocks of TNT is not powerful enough for you, you can go ahead and use the Meteor – which hits with enough force to wipe out a species. You have been warned.

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Minecraft Real Life Seasons Mod (Download + Review)

minecraft real life seasons mod download

The minecraft real life seasons mod emulates real world seasons within the game of minecraft. It is compatible with all versions of minecraft, is non-invasive, doesn’t change any of the game’s core mechanics, and yet still manages to create real world seasons in minecraft. How does it do it?

Read more and download the Minecraft Real Life Seasons mod!

How To Use Minecraft Bookshelves

minecraft useable bookshelf mod download

At the time of writing, minecraft bookshelves are only useful for two things. 1) Decoration and 2) boosting enchantment tables for higher level item enchantments. This smart bookshelves minecraft mod holds promise of new things – those new things being minecraft bookshelves that can actually be used to store books and maps!

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