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Hidden Valley, A Minecraft Survival Adventure Island Map (Download + Review)

hidden valley minecraft survival island

A breathtakingly beautiful minecraft survival island map with a serving of adventure on the side, Hidden Valley is comprised of several custom made islands, complete with custom made shrubbery, forests and towering trees. Biomes will take your breath away, and you’ll enjoy the pitter patter of the winter rains even on sandy beaches, because this is no randomly generated map.

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Skyverse Minecraft Sky Survival Island Map (Download + Review)

minecraft skyverse sky survival map download

A cross between SkyBlock and Sky Island, Skyverse is somewhere in between. It has more dirt than SkyBlock, but not as many resources as Sky Island. So it is simultaneously harder, easier and more fun than either of the two maps mentioned in the first instance. In Skyverse, a small plug shaped island of land floats in the middle of the void. Although this is currently a single player survival map, there may soon be a server, which will be fun for people who like standing in small spaces with a lot of other people.

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