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Zombie Manic, Zombie Player Mod

zombiemanic minecraft zombie player mod

Zombie Manic is a new kind of minecraft game played on multiplayer servers. You spawn as a human, but if you die you are respawned as a zombie. This means a server full of human played, intelligent zombies hunting down players still fortunate enough to be human. This is the best AI in the world, with this system minecraft zombies can track, hunt, plan and set traps of their own to get the last remaining humans to join their zombie horde. Human players are forced to build unique defences and hide as best they can. For a zombie survival experience like no other, Zombie Manic comes highly reccomended.

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Minecraft Zelda Server

minecraft zelda server

Wouldn’t Ocarina of Time have been much more fun if the shores of Lake Hylia had been populated by dozens of other Links vying for the Fireshot bow? Sure it would have! Now you can play bits and pieces of the popular Zelda franchise on a multiplayer minecraft server!

Click here to Zelda your Ocarina!

MineZ Minecraft MMO Guide

mineZ server map

What Is MineZ?

MineZ is much more than a minecraft server, it is a multi-server Minecraft MMO based on the Arma II DayZ mod – meaning that the main order of the day is killing and / or running away from zombies. When not being hunted by zombie hordes, MineZ players explore a post-apocalyptic world populated with cities, towns and other resources. This is technically a minecraft mod, but it is hosted entirely server-side, so anyone with an un-modded copy of vanilla Minecraft can join and play without having to download or install any files. This is the biggest, most complex and fun minecraft multiplayer experience you can have whilst running around in a full leather suit.

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Minecraft Custom Server SMP Map Download

minecraft custom server map download

This extensive 6000 x 4000 minecraft world map download is pretty perfect for anyone looking for a custom built minecraft world with custom built villages. If you’re tired of wandering through ‘randomly generated’ territory it’s time to explore something created a little more intentionally – both with your friends and complete strangers who might happen to stumble on to your server in an eternal search for lava and flint and steel.

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Minecraft Sewer System | Minecraft Hopper Block Guide

minecraft multiplayer sewer build

This post from reddit minecrafter, eneroth3, which uses the new hopper block to collect items discarded by players and collect them in chests in a ‘sewer system’ that utilizes flowing water, ice blocks and an underground sewer network to connect all houses on a server together and create a central collection point for players looking for discarded materials.

Learn how to build a minecraft sewer system!

Christmas Carnage, Minecraft Multiplayer PvP Map (Download + Review)

It’s Christmas time! (Almost.) Why not get together with your friends and beat on one another inside a minecraft map carefully designed to look exactly like a living room festooned with Christmas decorations. Fa la la la la la la arrrgghhh!

Click here to read more and download this Minecraft Christmas PvP map!

Theme BlockWorld, Minecraft Rollercoaster Theme Park Map (Download + Review)

Are you ready for fun and games? Roller coaster and rides? Then you need to download Theme Block, a minecraft theme park with more fun than you can shake a stick at. This map is good for single players, or up to three players if you opt for the multiplayer option.

Theme Block is a map containing several rollecoasters, some small and compact, others big and fast. There’s an archery competition, a maze, and even an ice curling competition. And that’s not all!

Click here to read more and download Theme Block, Minecraft Theme Park Map!