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Minecraft Fireworks Playground Tutorial Map Download

minecraft fireworks mod (not representative of actual fireworks, parental supervision demanded)

Fireworks playground is a minecraft fireworks tutorial map that lets you play with fireworks whilst you make fireworks whilst you set off fireworks whilst you make fireworks. Basically put, it teaches you to make fireworks by letting you make fireworks, which is exactly how I learned how to drive. Also brain surgery.

Download this Minecraft Fireworks Map!

How To Make Minecraft Fireworks

minecraft creeper fireworks display

This is a detailed minecraft fireworks guide, with information on how to craft fireworks, create multicolored fireworks, build bigger fireworks, longer fireworks, automatic firework displays and more. If you want to make a glowing green creeper face explode over your minecraft world, you’ve come to the right place.

Click here to learn how to make and use minecraft fireworks!