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Minecraft Natural Terrain Realistic Server Map Download

minecraft realistic map download

If you’re looking for a large, natural looking minecraft map to download for single play or server use, then this is one you’ll really want to consider. Maryana is a continent 60.000.000 m² – in other words, huge. You could build all the pixel art from all the cartoon shows you enjoyed as a child and still have have about 90% of the map free for activities. The main draw of this map is the naturally undulating terrain which looks and feels very realistic. A lot of minecraft maps look either overly man-made with pointy mountains and silly chasms, or they look, well, randomly generated (and we all know that whilst random generation occasionally makes something interesting to look at, it doesn’t come close to realism. Jungles next to snowy pine forests? Please!)

Check out more screenshots and download this realistic minecraft map!


Biosphere Invasion, Crazy Minecraft Adventure Map Of Many Deaths!

biosphere invasion minecraft adventure survival map

Biosphere Invasion is much more than some glass encased biomes floating in the depths of outer space, it is a minecraft adventure experience with custom mobs, shops, boss fights and even a coherent storyline told via command blocks. This is the minecraft adventure map of the future, the 1.4.6 adventure map of 2013.

Check it out!

Catharsis! Minecraft Map of the Soul. (Also Survival, CTM and Adventure for 1.4.6)

the broken beach of cathartic minecraft experiences

Have you ever felt that your minecraft map playing experience just wasn’t deep enough? Sure you collected a lot of emeralds and maybe you beat a boss or two, but something was missing. There was something more to be had from the experience, a certain sense of release and relief, a cleansing of minecraft body and soul. Catharsis is a map that transcends mere mappery. It is an experience, a journey to the very center of a dangerous landscape – the landscape of your soul.

Click the link of broken dreams and read the article of summing up in order to download your personal Catharsis experience…

Modern Minecraft Airport Map Download

minecraft airport map download

A trip to the airport is always fun, especially when its an airport made in minecraft! This very realistic minecraft map download lets you play among the baggage claim and frolic about beneath the chocks of a 747 just waiting to take off to some magical far off minecraft destination. This map includes an air traffic control tower, plane on the runway, gates placed at awkward angles – everything bar the passengers jogging through the terminal with their luggage flailing about them as they try to make their flight on time.

Download this Minecraft Airport Map!

Lunar Awakening, Minecraft Adventure Map (Download + Review)

lunar awakening minecraft adventure map statue

Lunar Awakening is a stunning minecraft adventure map set in a fantasy realm that will entrance you beyong imagination. Created by an artist and a poet, this adventure map has a strong sense of story, not just told in notes or books or signs, but in the very blocks it is built with. As you travel through landscapes measureless to man and into the stately domes of your own Lunar Awakening, you will find yourself caught up in an adventure worthy of not just a new year, but a new era in minecraft.

Click for the Lunar Awakening review and download!

Sunken Island, Minecraft Island Adventure Map (Download + Review)

sunken island minecraft adventure map download

The Sunken Island is a minecraft adventure map that begins with a fairly sunken boat and a trail of debris heading off into the horizon. When one follows the debris, one finds a huge hole in the ocean. Yes you read that correctly, a hole in the ocean. Sort of like what might happen if Moses opened an island time share. At the bottom of this hole in the ocean is the Sunken Island. A title which will now be abundantly clear and reasonable to even the sternest skeptics who did not understand how an island could ever be sunk.

Click here to read more, check out screenshots and download Sunken Island!

Farming Platform, Minecraft Farm Survival Map (Download + Review)

This *NEW* type of minecraft survival map places farming at the fore. In order to complete the challenges, you must farm and trade your way to gaining the substances you hold so dear. The objective of the game is to level up and gain XP through the art of farming. Basically this is Minecraft’s answer to Farming Simulator 2013.

Click here to read more and download this exciting new minecraft farm survival map!