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King’s Cathedral | Minecraft Cathedral Download For Map Makers

minecraft cathedral download

If you like to make your own minecraft adventure maps, or multiplayer server maps, or even minecraft survival maps, then you need to check out King’s Cathedral by talented minecraft builder, General John. This massive 438 x 452 x 256 Cathedral towers into the sky, reaching all the way to max build height. Use it as a focal point or convert it into a dangerous dungeon for adventures. Or just download it and marvel.
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Stone Craft 2, Minecraft Survival Map Download

I don’t know about you, but I like my minecraft survival maps sparse. I like them hot and dry. I want to feel my lips crack as my tongue swells with dehydration. From the moment I spawned in Stonecraft, I knew I was in for a challenge. Like me, you’ll be greeted with an almost alien landscape where sand and stone reign supreme. The only green you’ll find hereabouts are the cacti and well, they ain’t exactly good eating now, are they?

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