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Diversity, A Minecraft Multi-Genre Map Download

diversity minecraft multi map

Diversity is a very ambitious minecraft map download project designed to be all things to all people. It contains adventure, parkour, survival, CTM, arena, boss battles and many more minecraft activities in one neat download. There are ten levels in all to complete, levels which require agility, combat skills and the basic knowledge of minecraft’s history as a game. Play this map and complete the monument, and you’ll be able to play any minecraft map.

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Cake Defense II Minecraft Defense Map Download

cake defense 2 minecraft map

Two and half thousand command blocks were used in the making of this minecraft map. This minecraft defense map is designed for up to four players and involves, as the title suggests, defending the cake from up to twenty four waves of attackers.

Complete with scoreboard, special abilties, special mobs and enough raw adrenaline to down a cow – this is THE minecraft defense map of summer 2013.

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Tunnel Trouble, Minecraft Combat Survival Map (Download + Review)

minecraft trouble tunnel minecraft survival map download

If you’re looking for a fast paced minecraft combat survival map where every inch gained has to be hard fought and hard won, then Tunnel Trouble is the map for you. With four classes to choose from, multiplayer options and a whole bunch of custom resources to help you in your quest for survival, Trouble Tunnel takes the minecraft combat map genre and elevates it to a new level of skill and strategy.

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Volcano Survival, Minecraft Survival / Villager Defense Map (Download + Review)

In this minecraft survival map, your own survival isn’t the only thing at stake. You have a greater purpose – to ensure that the four villagers stuck inside minecarts who depend on you for their very lives are kept safe from zombie hordes. Volcano survival isn’t a survival map in the traditional sense of the word of course, it’s more of a ‘waves of combat’ map, a term for which has not properly been coined yet. In between waves of hostile mobs you can make use of a redstone supported currency system that allows you to buy useful things, like more life, and maybe less death.

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Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Game Map Download

This minecraft fight map reminded me of a WoW or RPG style boss fight. Specifically, you’re trying to damage the boss whilst minions come at you in constant flows. It’s surprisingly hard to send arrows into a giant mooshroom’s face whilst zombies gently nudge you into lava. Suffice to say, this minecraft map is awesome and you will enjoy it, or your money back!

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Adventure In The Shadow Of The Tree Minecraft Adventure / Parkour / Combat Map Download

Like many fine adventure maps, this one starts off with robbing the graves and homes of the dearly departed. Then you run through an awful lot of tunnels and jump over fiery lakes of lava and sort of halfway pay attention to the story that’s unfolding all around you.

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Castlevania Minecraft Adventure / Combat Map Download

An exciting minecraft combat adventure map in which you must storm through a dark obsidian castle, slaying hordes of monsters with various enchanted items and destroying the pits from which they spawn with beacons of light. This map is designed to be harder than minecraft’s hardest setting – and it is.

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