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Boombeard’s Battle, A Pirate Survival Games Map

boombeards battle minecraft survival games map

A grand survival games map set in the Bermuda Triangle, where a round of islands surrounds a giant volcano. These are Boombeard’s lands, where his treasures are buried and where mutineer pirates battle with one another for supremacy and life.

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Drybone Valley Minecraft PvP Survival Map | Minecraft Wild West Map Download

minecraft pvp western map download

Drybone valley, where minecraft pvpers go to die. Drybone Valley, where cowboys and indians do battle from wigwam and tepee all the way to the general store. This Hunger Games style minecraft map is simply stunning, not so much because of the PvP concept, but because of the amazing builds. The massive ‘arena’ is full of Western style buildings – including a custom built train which you can choose to board or defend.

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Caved City Minecraft Survival Games PVP Map (Download + Review)

caved city minecraft pvp map

An abandoned city awaits up to twenty four players in this minecraft PVP map. Impressive in scale and impressive in complexity, Caved City is one of the more beautiful minecraft hunger games style maps, and certainly one that will impress players on your server. It is designed for server play, but if you don’t have your own, you can play it on the map’s official server. Caved City isn’t just a pretty build, it is also a delicately balanced PVP survival experience, including puzzles, bonus chests and more!

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