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Castle Defenders Minecraft NPC Mod

Minecraft NPC mods are grand, but most NPCs are fairly self absorbed types that either steal your treasure, think of nothing but cooking pork chops or swim in lava at their earliest convenience. Not many of them are what you might call genuinely useful. They’re more Wilson to your Tom Hanks than Sancho Panza to your Don Quixote. But the Castle Defenders NPC Mod is different. It introduces three new NPCs who do nothing but defend you and what’s yours with the sort of blind loyalty usually reserved for dogs.

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Little Maid NPC Minecraft Mod (English Instructions)

If there’s one thing Minecraft has been missing for a very, very long time, it’s little maids that can operate a furnace, bid you good morning and be dyed at will. This is a Japanese mod, so if you don’t speak Japanese you’re not going to get a lot out of the original download page. However, having successfully installed and played the mod, I have some English tips to give you!

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Herobrine, Minecraft NPC Mod

Hailed as the most complex NPC of all time, Herobrine becomes reality in this NPC mod. The legends of Herobrine, an eyeless Steve have been around for many, many months and I shall not bore you with them. If you do not know the lore then make your way quickly into the wilds and immerse yourself in Minecraft culture, for it is the only sure way to survive.

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Imma Let You Finish But Here Are The Best Minecraft Mods (Of All Time – So Far)

So you’ve decided to mod Minecraft, but you don’t know what mods you should get? This article contains the most useful, most game expanding and most fun Minecraft mods I’ve ever played (and I’ve played a great deal of Minecraft mods.)

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Koda’s Clay Soldier NPC Minecraft Mod

This is an awesome mod that enables you to use clay for a far higher purpose than ugly bricks – it allows you to build armies, armies that can be unleashed on other armies whilst you sit back, chortling like a particularly cruel and capricious god. If that doesn’t sound like fun, then I urge you to get your frontal cortex inspected for excess sand at your earliest convenience.

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Millenaire NPC Village Minecraft Mod

What really sets Millenaire apart from other, similar Minecraft NPC mods, is the fact that it introduces both buildings, villages and NPC villagers that will not only trade with the player, but will actually reproduce and have children, to the game. It even adds a currency system, something Mojang should really consider adding to the game in some form. It would certainly come in handy in multiplayer. But we are getting wildly ahead of ourselves.

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