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Minecraft Horse Armor

minecraft horse armor

The upcoming Minecraft 1.6 update will have minecraft horses. It will also have minecraft horse armor. This image from developer Jeb’s instagram feed shows a minecraft horse, saddled with full armor and tethered to a fence post.

That’s right. If you’re worried about having to leave your horse somewhere whilst you hunt creepers, or if your minecraft stables aren’t quite built yet, you can tether your horse to any fence. You know what this means? Minecraft hitching posts and minecraft mounted pvp.


Minecraft 1.4.7 out Wedensday!

From tomorrow, you’ll be able to access all new minecraft content, including the hopper block and the sunlight detector blocks. Wooo!


Minecraft 1.2 Crafting and Feature Guide

1.2.2 is out now! Here’s everything you need to know about this version of the game we all know and love!

This guide contains crafting and feature guides for:

How To Craft A Fire Charge (Minecraft Canon Ball)
How To Craft An Iron Golem
How To Tame A Minecraft Cat
How To Craft Redstone Lamps

and more!

Click here to check out what’s new and find easy picture guides for minecraft crafting recipes!

Minecraft 1.2 Jungle Biomes and Wolf Puppies

When Minecraft 1.0 was released there was much consternation that the fast paced development that had characterized the game throughout Alpha and Beta might grind to a halt. However Mojang has yet again proved that the trust of its customers is well placed with a 1.1 release under their belt and a 1.2 release on the horizon. At this stage the main features are jungle biomes, sweeping dense swathes of wood and foliage that tower into the skies, dwarfing everything we’ve seen in Minecraft to date, and wolf puppies, which are just about the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.

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Minecraft Snapshot Download: How To Farm Minecraft Sheep

The image above might not look like much, but what you’re observing there is a new ‘grass eating’ animation, which a sheared sheep will do. Why? Because minecraft sheep will now ‘eat’ grass and regrow their wool. This means that you’ll no longer be left with sheep that are for all intents and purposes useless once they’ve been sheared.

Click here to read more and learn about minecraft sheep farming!

Download this minecraft snapshot .jar!

Fifty Five Bugs In Minecraft 1.0

Seth Bling, one of the great minecraft video makers has created a video with a whopping fifty five bugs left in the ‘final’ edition of mninecraft. With Jens indicating that we’ll be getting optional updates (hopefully to fix these bugs and not add more whacky half finished features) every Friday or so, it’s becoming pretty clear that 1.0 was 1.0 in name only.

Minecraft Release Candidate 2 Download Out Now!

With just one week left until the final release for minecraft, the release candidates are minecraft.jar’s you can download for the purposes of preview and beta testing

Download Minecraft Release Candidate 2 here!

Changelist from’s /r/minecraft):

  • Wooden doors, trapdoors now work correctly.
  • New sfx (also included in 1.8.1):
    • Enderman sounds
    • New hurt/death sounds for the player
    • New “hit” sounds
    • New explosion sounds
    • New item pickup sounds
    • New “toolbreak” sounds
    • New eating sounds
    • New arrow sounds
    • New blaze sounds
    • New XP pickup sounds
  • Quit game button!
  • Eggs spawn chicks instead of chickens.
  • New “toolbreak” particle effect.
  • Bows have durability.
  • Weapon bug from RC1 is fixed.
  • Shading on blocks in inventory! (brings back some old memories pic)
  • Baby sheep inherit colors from their parents.