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Legend of Narthan Minecraft Adventure RPG Review

legend of narthan

Legend of Narthan is supposed to be one of the most anticipated maps of the yet to be released Minecraft 1.6. But does it live up to all the hype?

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Nivenska Nights, Minecraft Fantasy Adventure Map (Download + Review)

minecraft fantasy adventure map download

A minecraft fantasy map with more complicated names involving more consonants than is possible for the human mind to fully comprehend, Nivenska Nights is the latest and greatest Minecraft adventure map download. With two main quests to complete, several side quests and over three hundred hours of gameplay, you’ll be thrilled with the effort that has gone into making this minecraft fantasy map come alive.

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Link of Faith, Myst Style Minecraft RPG Map (Download + Review)

minecraft rpg adventure map spawn point

Looking for a multiplayer minecraft rpg adventure? Here’s one that’s as epic as it is fantastic, as brilliant as it is awesome, as RPG as it is linear. I envy you, you know that? You’re about to have fun and you don’t even know it yet. Link of Faith is a myst-style minecraft adventure RPG map with over five hours of gameplay, stunning fantasy builds and more puzzles than you can shake your brain cells at. Well, maybe not that many, that would be millions of puzzles. Let’s just say the true number of puzzles involved in this adventure map is somewhere between two and the number of brain cells you have.

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Zhemnadia, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map (Download + Review)

Zhemnadia Minecraft RPG Download

If you’re looking for a great big Minecraft Survival RPG Adventure map, then you’re in luck, my friend. Zhemnadia is just that sort of map, a multi-level, command block enabled minecraft RPG adventure with survival elements thrown in for good measure.

Every great story begins with a novice setting out into the world to become someone great. Zhemnadia is no different. This is, to all effects and purposes, a minecraft RPG map in which you play the role of someone aspiring to be a Templar knight.

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Return of the Wither Boss, Minecraft RPG Adventure Map (Download + Review)

Every 50 Years The Wither Boss Returns, and every fifty years some poor soul / great hero, is chosen to go forth and battle the Wither Boss and send him / her / it back to its wither-y tomb for another fifty years. This time it is your turn, and putting the Wither Boss down is not going to be an easy task. You must leave your sky village and venture forth to lands below, which is a heck of a relocation just for starters. Then there’s finding someone to cover the rent whilst you’re gone… getting enough emeralds to trade with villagers along the way… and trying to get medical insurance when your chosen profession is ‘Boss Hunter’ well, even Obamacare doesn’t cover that.

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