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Pancake Survival, Minecraft 1.5 Survival Map (Download + Review)

minecraft pancake survival map

It’s time to survive minecraft in the form of a pancake, in pancake survival. You might not think that it is, but I promise you that this might be a new minecraft survival classic. Or it might not. But it might, and you can’t very well go around risking the missing of a new minecraft map.

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Wasteland Apocalypse Minecraft Survival Map Download

minecraft gravel survival map download

All has become gravel in a minecraft survival map where grim landscapes and even grimmer chances of survival are the order of the day. You begin close to what was probably once a small fortress, but which is now a tattered pile of rubble. A few supplies can be scavenged here, but your hunger is already growing and food is the first thing on your mind. But where can food be found? Not growing in toxic gravel, that’s for sure.

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Skycore, Minecraft Sky Island Survival Map (Download + Review)

skycore minecraft survival island map

A fun new minecraft survival island map, SkyCore is a mix of SkyBlock and Survival Island. You spawn on a small island in the sky, but instead of floating in the void, you are floating above the ocean. Unlike survival island however, you can’t just dig down until you hit unlimited resources – no, you must use your sky survival skills to carve out a niche in this brave new floating world.

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Don’t Fall! Minecraft Sky Survival Island Map Download

minecraft square survival sky island

This time the sky survival island is in water and happens to be square! The edge of the map is comprised entirely of waterfalls, waterfalls that flow all the way to bedrock level, which is actually rather pleasant, being occupied by a plethora of squid. To say that it’s a long way down is an understatement. It’s a very long way down.

minecraft survival island in the sky waterfall map

This map is designed to be multi-dimensional, so yes, you can travel to the nether and yes, you can travel to the end, thereby creating an entire minecraft survival experience in 26 meters squared. This is a classic survival map perfect for those yearning for a new twist on the sort of map we’ve been playing since late 2010.

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Secrets of Zombie Island, Minecraft Survival Island (Download + Review)

Your plane has crash landed onto an island full of zombies. Just another day in Minecraft eh, what are you going to do? I’ll tell you what you’re going to do. You’re going to survive. On an island. Minecraft island survival, this time with more plain wreckage and dungeons than ever before.

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Letters From A Dead Earth Minecraft Survival Map Download

Four dead cities and over a hundred books scattered over 4000 minecraft meters squared make a minecraft survival map that is at once beautifully made and post-apocalyptic. Letters from a Dead Earth is not content with merely being one of the most amazing urban survival minecraft maps I’ve ever played, it also contains a deep story that you can choose to piece together or ignore entirely as you rampage through abandoned cities.

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