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Science Santa, Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map (Download + Review)

minecraft science santa christmas adventure map

minecraft christmas tree adventure map

After abducting Santa Claus in  order to perform tests on him (perfectly reasonable premise there, I’m not sure why a Christmas Research facility hasn’t been set up in the real world)  scientists have accidentally teleported Santa to regions unknown. I think you know what’s coming next. In order to save Christmas, you must find Santa – using science!

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Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map Downloads

Wanting to download a minecraft Christmas adventure? Well look no further! This post will be collating the best of this season’s Minecraft Christmas adventure maps, starting with:

minecraft christmas adventure map downloads

Santa’s North Pole, Minecraft Christmas Adventure!

With three locations to explore, including Santa’s Workshop, Reindeer town and the aptly named ‘Christmas’ town, you’ll be ho ho adventuring for hours on end. With ten unique quests, three additional secret locations and the minecraft command block system used to teleport players between ‘stations’, this is quite the Christmas RPG experience. NPCs don’t just provide the quests, they also provide rewards. So collect the fourteen unique items and you’ll unlock the ending stage and go out into Christmas with a bang. A must play for anyone who loves, Christmas, RPGS and Minecraft Adventure maps!

Download Santa’s North Pole Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map!