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Minecraft Natural Terrain Realistic Server Map Download

minecraft realistic map download

If you’re looking for a large, natural looking minecraft map to download for single play or server use, then this is one you’ll really want to consider. Maryana is a continent 60.000.000 m² – in other words, huge. You could build all the pixel art from all the cartoon shows you enjoyed as a child and still have have about 90% of the map free for activities. The main draw of this map is the naturally undulating terrain which looks and feels very realistic. A lot of minecraft maps look either overly man-made with pointy mountains and silly chasms, or they look, well, randomly generated (and we all know that whilst random generation occasionally makes something interesting to look at, it doesn’t come close to realism. Jungles next to snowy pine forests? Please!)

Check out more screenshots and download this realistic minecraft map!


Minecraft Custom Server SMP Map Download

minecraft custom server map download

This extensive 6000 x 4000 minecraft world map download is pretty perfect for anyone looking for a custom built minecraft world with custom built villages. If you’re tired of wandering through ‘randomly generated’ territory it’s time to explore something created a little more intentionally – both with your friends and complete strangers who might happen to stumble on to your server in an eternal search for lava and flint and steel.

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